This documentation was generated from: E12-N1E.json

status Bronze
product E12-N1E
modelid E12-N1E
manufacturername sengled

1. Color dimmable light

Endpoint: /lights

Top level attributes

id String Identifier of the resource, unique within an endpoint. R
lastannounced ISO 8601 timestamp Timestamp of the last power-cyle or rejoin. R
lastseen ISO 8601 timestamp Timestamp of the last communication. R
manufacturername String "sengled" R
modelid String "E12-N1E" R
name String Name of the resource. RW
swversion String Firmware version of the device. R
type String "Color dimmable light" R
uniqueid String Unique identifier of the resource. R

State attributes

alert String The currently active alert effect.

Default: none

  • "none" — light is not performing an alert
  • "select" — light is blinking a short time
  • "lselect" — light is blinking a longer time
bri UInt8 The current brightness. RW
colormode String The currently active color mode.
  • "hs" — hue and saturation
  • "xy" — CIE xy color space coordinates
  • "ct" — color temperature
ct UInt16 The current Mired color temperature of the light. Where Mired is 1000000 / color temperature (in kelvins). RW
effect String The currently active effect.

Default: none

  • "none" — no effect is active
  • "colorloop" — colorloop through hue values
hue UInt16 The current color hue. RW
on Bool True when device is on; false when off. RW
reachable Bool When true the device is assumed to be operational. R
sat UInt8 The current color saturation. RW
x UInt16 The current color x coordinate. RW
y UInt16 The current color y coordinate. RW