This documentation describes the REST API, which is provided by the deCONZ REST API Plugin from dresden elektronik that runs a lightweight HTTP server within the deCONZ application on the Raspberry Pi.

The REST API allows third party applications easy monitoring and control of a ZigBee network from local or remote operating clients.

One of the following devices is needed to get ZigBee support on the Raspberry Pi or PC.

  • RaspBee ZigBee shield for Raspberry Pi
  • ConBee USB radio stick for PC or Raspberry Pi


  • Support for ZigBee Home Automation (HA) and ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) based lights
  • Add, remove and modify groups of lights
  • Control single lights or groups
  • Control colors and dimmlevels via hue, saturation, brightness, CIE xy color coordinates
  • Smooth transitions of colors and dimming over time
  • Save and recall individual scenes for a group
  • Create rules to automate light control
  • Trigger timed commands
  • Reset ZLL lights to factory new state


The deCONZ REST API Plugin is a open source project licensed under the BSD license and available at GitHub. It could therefore be extended with further functionality, for example to support more devices.