BWA-1 water sensor

This documentation was generated from: bwa-1_water_sensor.json

status Gold
product BWA-1 water sensor
modelid RBSH-WS-ZB-EU
manufacturername Bosch

1. ZHAWater

Endpoint: /sensors

Top level attributes

id String Identifier of the resource, unique within an endpoint. R
lastannounced ISO 8601 timestamp Timestamp of the last power-cyle or rejoin. R
lastseen ISO 8601 timestamp Timestamp of the last communication. R
manufacturername String "Bosch" R
modelid String "RBSH-WS-ZB-EU" R
name String Name of the resource. RW
swversion String Firmware version of the device. R
type String "ZHAWater" R
uniqueid String Unique identifier of the resource. R

Config attributes

battery UInt8 The current device battery level in 0–100 %.

Default: 0

on Bool When true the sensor is enabled in rules.

Default: true

pending Array Pending tasks to configure the device. R
reachable Bool When true the device is assumed to be operational. R

State attributes

lastupdated ISO 8601 timestamp Timestamp when state was last updated. R
lowbattery Bool True when the device battery runs low. R
tampered Bool True when the device tampered alarm was triggered. R
water Bool True when water is detected. R